Wedding Dance Tips for Couples learning to dance

  • Always try to choose a song with a good tempo and easy beat; this will make it easier and therefore more enjoyable on the night (ask your instructor for help).

  • Try to choose a short songs around 3mins 30secs. Long songs can become repetitive & are harder to memorize.

  • Make sure you have a practice dance in your dress (without the groom there of course!) to check if there are any moves you wont be able to do.
  • Get used to dancing in heels, practice in shoes with a similar height heel to your wedding shoes.

  • Practice as much as you can so you wont have to concentrate as much, which will make both you and your partner feel more relaxed and confident on the night and enable you to enjoy your first dance so much more!

  • More than anything HAVE FUN! Your friends and family will be more impressed not by how technically prefect your footwork is, but how much you are both enjoying your first dance together.

DANCE MOVES -- Wedding Dance Lessons

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