Wedding Dance Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients.
I would recommend Wedding Dance Lessons as they are professional and friendly. They were very reactive and accommodating in terms of times for lessons for instance. Also, price is overall worth it. Ksenia is very kind and she came already prepared with ideas of choreographic moves that would go specifically with our song. I am sure any couple will enjoy not only their first dance, but also their lessons. I would recommend any couple to try and practice in between lessons. Even if it's just once before going to bed. It helps making it become natural and is a pleasure that could actually be missed after the wedding!

- Severine & Jerome
We just wanted to say thank you SO much for all your help teaching us as total beginners how to dance as well as choreographing our first dance for our wedding. You were professional yet met our lesson fun and we were quite sad when we finished last one. We enjoyed each session very much and every time come away feeling a little bit more confident on the day itself, everyone was amazed that we had taken lession and it really added to some very special memories for us.

- Melanie and Freddie
Our first dance is one of our favourite memories of our wedding day. The lessons together were fun and were a good opportunity to spend time together during the rather hectic run-up to the wedding itself. Marina is a wonderful teacher and she helped us to learn quite a simple dance but one which looked good and which we could remember. It was reassuring when we heard the opening bars of the song; we knew what to do! We also loved the song - Elvis' Can't Help Falling in Love. The cheers and whoops during every new move in the dance were fantastic - our family found it one of the most special moments of the day and there were quite a few tears following the big finale! Thank you so much

- Will and Sophia
The wedding was amazing and we actually managed to dance fairly competently. We have also used the steps at all the other weddings we’ve been too this year which has been a lot of fun. We’re going to try and carry on when we get back from honeymoon in September.

Neither of us had any prior experience and we took the classes as we wanted to be able to actually dance our first dance. Kristina taught us a series of steps for two different dances which we have used at a number of weddings and parties since. We also confidently navigated our first dance without feeling like we were performing a routine. I highly recommend Wedding Dance Lessons as we are now confident dancing in social situations which is not something I had expected ahead of the lessons. Thank you for your patience and enthusiasm!

- Kate & Tom